proximity solutions


Cities can be difficult to navigate at times, even for the locals. Imagine how tourists and visitors feel in such unfamiliar surroundings, unable to navigate their way to the museum or that critical meeting from the railway station; how do they know which bus to catch?

We can offer a warm welcome and immediately make them feel at home, in any city! We could provide them with up to date travel and infrastructure knowledge that would rival that of any local.

Their smartphone allows them to identify where they have arrived in the city, where to park the car, jump on a train, tram or tube, join a taxi rank or catch a bus to their next destination. Our apps could merely advise them of their progress by GPS or suggest places to visit along their route, pushing information on local landmarks, places of interest, places to dine and shop via SMS or email – generating increased income for the local communities.

ProxiconMobileHandBy accessing public transportation systems our tourists could schedule an itinerary of where to visit and see just how long it will take to get there via several interconnected modes of transport; all seamlessly linked to the net providing local authorities with live usage and response data. As our travellers move from one destination to the next, they could receive local offers or download vouchers for their next visit to your city. We might even encourage an overworked business man to return with his family for a short stay!

Our solutions do more than just guide people around a city using a smartphone map, they guide people throughout the external and internal spaces of a city and link them with transport, leisure and other amenities provided by Local Government. By using a mix of technologies we can just as equally guide a person to the exact room for an important meeting at City Hall or someone to the painted masterpiece they wish to observe from the latest exhibit in a local art museum. They would know how to get there, how long the journey would be, pre-qualify them for entry into the building, route them via an internal building map and then provide additional information about the meeting or artist which could not otherwise be expressed.

That’s what we call joined up thinking and using “The internet of things” to everyone’s advantage ensuring a better, safer experience for all.