proximity solutions


From the moment they accept their offer, the students of tomorrow can feel part of your academic world, feeling wanted, welcomed and comfortable with their university accommodation, campus and surroundings before they have even arrived.


The much wanted offer contains a QR code where they can download your latest app telling them what to do next, where to find accommodation and the transport or route to get them there. By using GPS we create a Geo-Fence around the campus with a one off activation sending a SMS welcoming the student to their new University as soon as they enter the zone, seconds later they receive an email with an image of the building they are looking for and a push message to their smartphone map tool to help them arrive safely.


Upon arrival, a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon registers their approach and notifies the reception staff to prepare their accommodation pack for handover. They use their phone as proof of ID to get their room key card and a new map of the accommodation blocks shows them where to go via GPS and indoor route mapping. Upon entering their room, they are welcomed with another text notifying them of their registration time and its location. With a simple click they can download a route map of how to get there and the time it will take …… this is only the beginning of their journey.

During their course they will check books out of the library, automatically complete the register for entering and exiting lectures and tutorials without swiping a card or lifting a hand; benefits of disruptive learning are maximised when notes are automatically emailed after a registered attendance. Finding and utilising university facilities such as shops, eateries and print stations is simplified: in-app purchases for real life requirements such as a coffee, lunch or colour printing reduces the need for handling physical cash, speeds up transactions during busy periods and increases ‘on campus’ revenues.

The app also allows the gathering of critical information regarding people and resource flows to enhance staff planning, maintenance and other resource deployment. Linking the student to local landlords could bring in additional revenue when approved rental properties are advertised at the end of the 1st semester. Students rate the properties and landlord services to ensure that future rental experiences never stop improving. A full consultation is recommended to discover the entire range of benefits our solutions can deliver.

At Proxicon, we don’t stop innovating, evaluating and improving…….. which is why we have evolved to be your perfect partner for technology in Education!