proximity solutions


Proxicon delivers secure and tailored solutions for hospitals, medical centres and elderly care, amongst others. Whether locating critical staff in A & E, expensive ‘missing’ equipment across the hospital or absent patients, our integrated solutions help optimise staff, patient and provider benefits.

Our software can be linked to other systems such as Vital Signs Monitoring or Fixed Asset Management software whilst our hardware can be built into the fabric of the building, added at a later date or simply carried by staff and equipment unknowingly using long life power sources.

Real Time Location Services (RTLS) provide up to the minute details of the whereabouts of all entities ensuring efficiencies and care are optimised by the highest utilisation of hospital resources. Patients are easily located to ensure their operations start on schedule; after a simple electronic registration they are treated as a valued ‘customer’ by all staff who approach them, whether previously known or unknown, immediately putting them at ease and reducing anxiety.

This RTLS information can be recorded to facilitate process improvements based on actual data, not anecdotal evidence. Periodical reviews of this data encourages optimisation and reduces staff transit times between duties; average patient progress throughout their care can be measured and patterns of behaviour in those with dementia identified to help avoid episodic triggers.

Proxicon healthcare solutions include a specific application for the safe monitoring of our elderly which overcome some shortfalls of other monitoring systems such as PIR detection at ground level near the beds or door switches which merely identify that someone has got out of bed or a door has been opened and closed again, we help you locate them and establish patterns of behaviour to reduce long term staff and monitoring costs.

For added security, the ‘I Need Assistance’ button can be activated by staff or patients to call for help, either from Security or medical staff, without having to clearly identify who and where they are, saving vital seconds in an emergency.