proximity solutions



Engage with your customers via Proxicon retail solutions and ensure revenue streams continue to flow. We help you encourage those who have yet to commit to purchase from you come in-store to initiate that relationship whilst rewarding loyal customers with incentives to return time and time again consolidating your status as their preferential retailer or shopping centre.


Whether a chain of stores, a single outlet or a shopping centre, the benefits of historic and real time data are vast. We help you collect that information in a usable format so you can analyse it and plan for events and campaigns to increase revenue and profits.

Tracking your own shopping baskets and trollies can provide you details of where traffic is highest or potential customers browse longest and determine why, helping you plan your store layout for optimal profit generation. Combine this with a smartphone app and we can have a two-way conversation to encourage a greater spend per visit, a follow up visit or an incentive offer for an impulse purchase.

For example, a customer hovers around a specific mannequin for 5 minutes, and you send them a SMS nudge to look at the specifics on offer by scanning a tag with their phone. The customer likes what they see and checks 3 of the 4 items on display to see if you have their size in stock today; the answer is yes and they are offered guidance to where the stock is on display or place an order for collection later today, tomorrow or for home delivery. A failure to buy may trigger a voucher upon exiting the shop, entering again within the next few days or offer alternatives from your website via email.


Linking our tracking solutions with your back office systems is not only secure for you but it offers your customer an enhanced shopping experience to help feel at ease in your store / centre; add the flexibility your Proxicon app will offer when linked to your website and you will be shaping your campaigns around your successes for ever more. Using the app to push information and offers via email and SMS is possible whilst collecting tracking data and associating it with consumer like and dislike functions to gauge the full market response.

Other solutions including car park monitoring / payment for visitors to shopping centres, party co-ordination upon arrival at restaurants, and staff planning for mass events such as concerts or exhibitions. Real time data assist the deployment of staff to the areas where they are needed and can serve customers, thereby maximising throughput and revenue.

A full consultation is recommended to discover the entire range of benefits our solutions can deliver to your environment because not all retail spaces are the same.

Proxicon Retail solutions are tailored to the needs of you and your customer to ultimately enhance your customers’ experience and increase average order value in a diligent and profitable manner!