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Web and mobile development

If you are an e-retailer, or are simply focused on expanding your online presence for sales and marketing purposes, having the right team behind you is likely to be critical to your success. Proxicon is a leader in innovation and excellence in website and mobile development, which combines a sound commercial acumen with the technical know how to bring out the best in your business.


Front end development

The aesthetic onus we put on our websites means they must be visually engaging, surprising and informative, all without losing the responsiveness that provides a satisfying user experience. This involves the use of the right web and multi-tasking content applications. Using JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Backbone.js and CSS preprocessor, we are able to speed up work with the use of modular style sheets. While utilising the best that CSS3 and HTML5 can provide, we concentrate on finding the solutions that will deliver the best results for our customers.


Custom software development

Our range of bespoke software development options span UI/UX design to social media apps and websites, as well as DRMs and even games. Our team brings together some of the most talented developers in the country, who are well-versed in the latest technologies, including SCRUM Agile development.

All our work begins with an open discussion designed to allow us to understand your objectives thoroughly. Working according to the requirements of each project, we can dedicate a whole team to one phase of development, or assign a single developer to work in partnership with you from the outset of the planning stage right through to completion. We understand the importance of working to deadlines and delivering projects on time, while meeting expectations.

Mobile application
Mobile app development and web design


Custom mobile applications

The market for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets has exploded in recent years, opening up massive opportunities for mobile applications that bring businesses closer to their customers through engaging them more effectively. We are your one stop shop for app development across the Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms.


Audit and anti-hacking

Security should be a non-optional element of the modern day IT system, and we help you battle against the threat presented by malicious hackers that target your data. By reviewing and checking all the processes within your organisation, we can make sure your information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.